We are an entirely Italian reality of design, production and promotion of sustainable clothing. Our business model is rooted in the concept of circular economy and a vision of long-term impact, which embraces the idea of sustainability. To date the competition is not developed at European level as there are small and medium sized companies that see sustainability accessible to a niche. We want to create an ecosystem where competition changes in cooperation, so that sharing is a must that brings constant innovation. Our clothes are designed in such a way as to make them multifunctional and easily decomposable so that the recovery of the materials with which they are assembled are reused for n. purposes. Our partners and suppliers are all certified at European level for quality, safety and sustainability; for us this is crucial as we want to establish ourselves as B-Corp. Moreover, we are the first company in Italy that aims to integrate sustainability with digitization through a combination of e-commerce experience and artificial intelligence (online and offline). Why just sell? Aware of the fact that sustainable clothes are not accessible to everyone (due to high price and lack of information) we want to create an online platform where you can rent clothes so as to respond, at the same price of a Fast fashion dress whose mode of use runs out after 3 uses, to the needs of color that do not have the economic availability or who believe in sustainability.

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