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Cibus Vivendi aims to solve the problem of behavioural deviation from the diet prescribed by a nutritionist. We have observed that once the diet is prescribed it is stressful and frustrating to put in place the diet programme. On one hand often is hard to find the food prescribed – sometimes completely new ingredients for the individual- and on the other hand is often hard to resist to the temptation of buying products not included in the therapeutic plan because of the marketing campaign and ads found in the food stores. Cibus Vivendi profile the Client with a medical consultation that take place on our digital platform so easily from home without going to a medical center (both for the first medical assessment and for the periodic checks) you get, free of charge, the prescription and then a weekly box with all the food and nutrients in daily-boxes placed in a weekly box already weighted and portioned, ready to be cooked, avoiding the exposure to the marketing campaigns that will reduce individual compliance to a diet-programme and an healthy lifestyle.

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