Huna is a startup company operating in the smart city and street lighting industry, creating innovative solutions with the goal to facilitate the digital transition of our cities and providing citizens with services of better and more sustainable quality. Current street lighting solutions are obsolete, energy consuming, costly for companies and thus for citizens: in one word, poorly sustainable. Huna is aware of these challenges. This is why it has developed a cloud platform, Light Touch, plus other hardwares to map, design and manage street lighting systems. Light Touch is a sustainable solution, technologically and economically, eliminating these problems. With Light Touch our customers are now able to save time during the design and maintenance phases of the infrastructure, thanks to the mapping and remote control tools; reduce on-site interventions thanks to the use of devices installed on systems and crowd-sourced obtained data; finally, they can save energy, due to the controlling system of the luminous power of the lamps. Huna is currently implementing other business lines, such as smart parking, traffic monitoring and air-quality monitoring, to become a full smart city company.

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